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What's Behind Our S.M.I.L.E?

"Good friends offer advice and words of wisdom. Real friends come over unannounced with vodka, chocolate, glitter, duct tape, cat suits, explosives and a plan!"

We've designed our boxes around our philosophy of SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale. Why? Because that’s exactly what we do when we are together as girlfriends. There are five items per gift box, tailored to the theme of the box, with one item for each letter in the word SMILE. Plus, an extra fun item just because.

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“Girl, I love that bling!"

If you've gotten this far, you know by now that we love us some glittery sparkle. That's why we went all out on our box. This ain't no regular cardboard shipping box, ya'll. It's a one-of-a-kind keepsake box that is so EXTRA, the box itself is our Sparkle item in each choice. Now don't be too surprised if you see some glittery awesomeness on another item in the box you choose. Glitter just makes people happy so we sprinkle that $hit wherever we can. 

girl and g.png

“OMG, that’s my song!”

Whether you're dropping it like it's hot, raising the roof or you wanna party like it's 1999, just like a girl's night out, there ain't no judging. 

This will be anything that gets your bestie moving and grooving. This item will have something to do with music, fitness or traveling. Hell, maybe even all three because when the body feels good, the mind does, too.

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“Pass me the bubbly and truffles, dahling"

Oh, we love to indulge when we get together right? Well, she's gonna need it. Alcohol and chocolate, our two favorites. We love them so much, sometimes we include alcohol-infused chocolates. That's a win-win right there. It will be something decadent and indulgent, rest assured. (Not a drinker? Don't worry, we can't include actual alcohol in our boxes. Damn rules.) 

girl and g.png

“LMAO, stop I’m gonna pee my pants"

Sometimes the best way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. "Girl, I typed 'bitch' in my GPS and guess what? I'm in your driveway." There will be something in the box sure to elicit a giggle. "If we were on a sinking ship and there was only one life vest...I would miss you so much."

girl and g.png

“Inhale the good $hit…Exhale the bull$hit”

STRESS - Someone Trying to Repair Every Situation Solo. Your girl just needs a little peace. This item will help her conquer those moments of life-sucking energy-draining negative bags of annoying hell. Namaste, bitches.

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"If you see a friend without a smile, give her one of yours"

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and it's what we're all about - paying it forward for our girlfriends who might be going through some stuff. Girlfriend Therapy In A Box will help her SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale. And the world needs more of that. 

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