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Girlfriend Therapy In a Box™ by Glitter Me This is a sparkling, personalized gift box that captures the very essence of having her girls by her side to help her celebrate and get through life's ups and downs at a moment's notice, curated with a SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh, Exhale.

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Founder & Chief SMILE Ambassador


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Executive SMILE Ambassador

Hey, Girlfriend

Glitter Me This isn’t about me, it’s about my therapy group, my tribe, my warriors. To paraphrase my role model, Audrey Hepburn, nothing is impossible because they make me possible. We are here to help you and your girlfriends come together and reclaim your glitter and showcase your sparkle. 

So how did I get here? My passion has always been hospitality. During my time as a corporate CFO, I found I was more focused on creating theme events for my employees than I was about running spreadsheets (even though I was damn good at it). After twenty years, I hung up my calculator and took a leap of faith. 

Nothing makes me happier than creating an evening where everything is thoughtfully planned and executed, where my favorite people leave their worries at the door and come together to laugh, drink, eat and dance the night away. I realized I was making magic happen with my girlfriends. These parties allowed me to give my girls a night of free therapy and I just wanted to box that feeling up. Hence, Girlfriend Therapy In A Box was born. 

Behind Every Great Woman is Another Great Woman Who Has Her Back

The concept of my Girlfriend Therapy in a box has come alive with the help of this Rock Star. Karen and I graduated high school together, went to the same college and even got married the same year. Years went on and we both raised our families and had successful careers. She was the first person I thought to call on when my ideas started rolling in my head. We all have that one selfless friend who gets you and simply just wants to see you succeed and offers her tools to make it happen. Karen has her own successful marketing firm called 4th Colony Marketing, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You know it's meant to be when work is so much fun you just can't wait to get together again. 

She's one Bad A$$ Partner.

My Therapy Group, My Tribe, My Warriors

“Daily life can feel like living in a batting cage. The balls coming at you are non-stop and you don’t know if they are in the shape of sweet peaches or sour lemons!”

These ladies celebrate my sweet moments and dust me off and get me back in the game after my sour ones! Just like your tribe, behind these smiles are women who have and do enjoy all kinds of joys in life – wonderful friends, significant others and marriages, loving children, successful careers, and milestone moments of achievements.

But just like yours, they also conquer and deal with break-ups, divorces, deaths, growing pains in children, anxiety, depression, surgeries, illnesses and struggles in the workplace. It’s hard to nurture friendships when you’re in the cage of everyday life. Having strong relationships in place before a tragedy occurs enables the healing process.


Right to Her Door

Girlfriend Therapy

"True friends are families which you can select"
- Audrey Hepburn

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