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Say It In Your Own Words

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

When we are able to see the people closest to us in person, the easiest way to show we care is to tell them and give them a big old hug and a kiss. But what about when you can't be there in person because they don't live nearby, you can't visit because of stay-at-home orders, or you can't give or get that hug due to social distancing? It’s great that technology has advanced to the point that we can stay in touch digitally and it can be tempting to take the easy way out and shoot over an email or even a text and consider it done. But that doesn't truly get across your feelings and what you're really trying to say. Sure, a "Happy Birthday" post on Facebook is nice, but mailing a card and handwriting a note inside really shows someone how much you care.

I have friends who have had birthdays and milestones that have happened during the stay-at-home order in our state so we couldn't celebrate like we usually do. Some friends have done drive-by celebrations and dropped off gifts which is great. But what's been a nice surprise is that people are taking the time to write a note and mail it out, something they don't typically do in 'normal' times. This just reminded me again how important it is to connect on a real level any time we can. My mother always taught me to hand write thank you cards, and in turn I taught my daughters to do the same. A hand written note in a fast, ever changing, technical world speaks volumes to the heart of the effort that was put into it. Remember how we say, it's not about the gift as it is about the thought and effort of it.

Pick A Card, Any Card

That's why we offer personalized messages with every box we send out. We believe strongly in personalizing our theme gift boxes so we have over 16 different cards to choose from, to fit any occasion. Once you choose the card you want to send, you tell us the message to include inside. We then hand write your message on the card and send it along with the Girlfriend Therapy In a Box right to her door.

It's that extra step to show your loved ones and cherished friends no matter where you are in the world, that you care. And, if you happen to buy a box for yourself (which you totally should, girlfriend - we recommend the BIY - Buy It Yourself - Box but any of our boxes will work!), we will write you a personalized card to tell you how awesome we think you are! Writing your notes to your loved ones just warms our hearts and it's the best part of packaging up your gift. It lets us know that we are connecting people together no matter how far apart they may be.

So, what are you waiting for? Send out some handwritten cards this week! And, when things get back to 'normal', remember to take the time and send a handwritten note for that special occasion or even just because - we promise that you will light up someone's day!

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