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Nourish a tribe full of beautiful flowers so they are ready when you need a colorful bouquet.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Since my twenties, I can remember having a fabulous group of girlfriends. What is unique is that all my girlfriends were from different backgrounds, different cultures and were developed in different areas of my life.  I seem to always have a great group of friends, who for the most part are not connected outside of me.

I have always loved hosting parties for any and all occasions in life, but when I started coordinating events that were just for my girlfriends, I realized I was watching magic happen.  The dynamic of all these women together was the greatest therapy anyone could ever ask for. Hours of laughs, one-on-one chats and secrets shared, everyone bonded and left feeling a sense of relief and that their load was little lighter.

This became my passion, my burning desire, and my mission.  As a type A, detailed-oriented giver with a passion for fun, hosting themed girlfriend parties allowed me to give my girls a night of free therapy that only I know why each one of them would need it, just as much as I did.

I bring together the girlfriend from:

  • high school who truly gets you, because we are who we are, and shares the same fun loving spirit today as we did in high school.

  • the college days who was completely opposite of me in that I would follow to see rock-n-roll bands and in return she would hit the dance floor to show off our MC Hammer moves and share long walks down the beach rapping to all the 80’s hip hop.

  • the blind double date, who would’ve put the Kardashian’s to shame with her long nails and hair in the early 90's and my Coppertone beach buddy.

  • the nightclub where I felt some weird instant sister connection, introduced myself and from that day she became the truest sister I could ever ask for.

  • the roommate who I lived with in my twenties, the forever Pepa to my Salt, who shares the same giving values as I do and is so in tune with my deepest feelings.

  • maid of honor, that partner in crime on the dance floors, the one you would call when you need someone buried, that ride or die.

  • the office who would get a speeding ticket just to be the first one to the hospital with my first born, who taught me so many priceless things and made me laugh till it hurt.

  • the dentist chair as we tried to hold conversations while she filled my teeth and next thing you know we are taking trips all over the country. (Now they block an extra hour off when I come to the office.)

  • my first day in a new neighborhood who became my workout partner, my new friend in the after-divorce life who chose me to be the coordinator of her wedding, and watch our kids grow together.

  • the salon who I started to see every 6 weeks ( now 3 weeks) and over 13 years not only washes the gray away, but knows all the details of my life right from her chair and so graciously listens like the greatest therapist on earth.

  • the one whose presence brings you back to the core of your being, provides serenity in your friendship, encourages you with ever flowing mantras and helps you smell the roses.

  • the many stages of my children's lives, the beautiful mom friends.

When I pull these ladies together, its nothing short of a great night. These are the ladies I dial when tragedy hits, or who call me out of the blue to check in, who have that sixth sense when I might be hurting and know to call, the ones who no matter what will drop it all to run by your side. The ones who love you so much that your family is just as important to her as her own. The ones who like your posts and add great comments to encourage you.

They are also the ones I would be the first one there for at a drop of a dime, the ones I love to spoil and give, the ones I yearn to spend time with, and share the details of my joys with as well.  The ones I love to make laugh and most importantly, the ones I love to pull together for a girls night of therapy, be it one-on-one or all together.

Girlfriends are priceless. They are beautiful flowers that need nurturing and water, so that when you need a colorful bouquet they are always ready. They are the ones who pick you up, dust you off and get you back in the game! And they are the backbone of Glitter Me This & Co!

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