So, What's This I'LL HAVE ANOTHER ONE BOX All About?

The "I'll Have Another One" Box is for the woman who always gets the party started and never wants it to end. We all have that friend that just makes everything better - she brings the fun every time you get together, no matter the occasion. This box will keep her party going and help you thank her for helping you get through this weird thing called life. Girlfriend Therapy In a Box is filled with our favorite items that will make anyone Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale, and most importantly, SMILE.


You've Got My Attention. What's Inside The Box?

  • Glitter Me This Signature Keepsake Box
  • "Fix Yo Face" Compact Mirror by Snark City
  • Wine Flavored Gummies - Chardonay or Champagne by Vinoos
  • Wine Inspired 4x4 Cork Coasters and 2ply 25ct. cocktail napkins
  • Vegan Handmade Soap by Whiskey River Soap
  • Personalized card in our sassy style guaranteed to get a giggle


Ok, I'm Excited Now. Gimme All The Details!

We've designed our boxes around our philosophy of SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale. Why? Because that's exactly what we do when we are together as girlfriends. There are five items per gift box, tailored to the theme of the box, with one item for each letter in the word SMILE. "S" is for Sparkle; "M" is for Move; "I" is for Indulge; "L" is for Laugh; and "E" is for Exhale. What does it spell? SMILE - A curve that sets everything straight!


Glitter Me This Signature Keepsake Sparkling Glitter Box

This gorgeous sparkling keepsake box will hold her treasures in style or can simply be displayed for a dash of sparkle. Each time she opens the box she will be reminded to "SMILE Girl, I'm here".  



"Fix Yo Face" Compact mirror by Snark City is a 2.5" x 3.5" regular mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on the other because sometimes when you are having so much fun you need to check yourself.



Vinoos Sophisticated Wine Gummies - A totally new and exclusive luxury product that lets you have that burst of flavor just like the first sip of your wine. The Real WINE gummie isn't a candy for children, but an "adult luxury happiness”. It's suitable for vegetarians. Chardonnay WINE flavored gummies.



Set of (2) 4 x 4 wood coasters with cork backing. Shown "I don't care how high you set the bar as long as I can reach my wine" perfect for any cocktail table for guests. 


Cocktail napkins that are sure to elicit a giggle with every use.  25ct. 3ply Shown: ... as long as I can reach my wine".



These soaps just crack us up. Whiskey River Soap Co. proves you don't have to lose your sense of humor to make top quality soap. On top of the awesome scents and the beautiful lather, these soaps are hand crafted in the USA, 100% Certified Vegan and all palm oil used in them are from RSPO certified sources.


She is going to SMILE



Pick A Card:

We have the perfect cards to say the right thing to make her smile bestie. Pick the card and we will hand write your personalized messgage If you're gifting this to yourself, choose "No Card" and leave this part to us. We've got the perfect card, sent to you with all the high fives.  


Optional Add More Sparkle:  You can never have enough sparkle.. So feel free to add alittle more bling in the box that will sparkle up her day.


I'll Have Another One Box

Indulge Marshmallows
Pick A Card, Any Card
MiniEmergency Kit
Add More Sparkle
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    Orders take 1-2 business days to process and 1-3 business days to ship via priority mail shipping, depending on where it's going. Our priority shipping is one flat rate in the Continental US. If you are in real hurry, email us at and we will do everything possible to meet your deadline. 

    We never include receipts inside any of our boxes, knowing that they are almost always a gift. But, we do include an awesome personalized card of your choice. We will hand write exactly what you tell us for that extra personal touch.

    Products may be substituted based on current inventory and because we like surprises.


  • If you would like to exchange the Wine Gummies to our signature infused marshmallows, just leave us a note. 

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