So, What's this BEGINNINGS BOX All About?
"It's HER time now! Oh, snap."
Perfect for when she comes out on the other side of a life changing moment, such as a divorce, empty nest, retirement or any new beginning. You helped her get through it, now you can help her navigate her new normal.   


You've Got My Attention. What's Inside the Box?

  • Glitter Me This Signature Keepsake Box
  • "You are Beautiful" - Good Work(s) Wrap Bracelet
  •  Retro Acrylic Keychain "Lock your damn doors" 
  • Wine and Cocktail infused flavored marshmallows by MarshmallowMBA
  • "Will work for shoes & wine" (2) 4 x 4 wood coasters with cork backing
  • Cocktail Napkins to illict a giggle
  • i17 TWS Wireless Ear Pods - Pink
  • Personalized card in our sassy style guaranteed to get a giggle.


Ok, I'm Excited Now. Gimme All the Details!
We've designed our boxes around our philosophy of SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale. Why? Because that’s exactly what we do when we are together as girlfriends. There are five items per gift box, tailored to the theme of the box, with one item for each letter in the word SMILE. "S" is for Sparkle; "M" is for Move; "I" is for Indulge; "L" is for Laugh; and "E" is for Exhale. What does it spell? SMILE - A curve that sets everything straight!


Glitter Me This Signature Keepsake Sparkling Glitter Box
Keep your treasures stored in style or simply display it for a dash of sparkle.


Good Work(s) Wrap Bracelet - You are Beautiful - ( we will include one of the colors shown)
The nicest thing someone can say to another person is YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. This leather wrap around friendship bracelet is a sweet and attractive reminder of all the wonderful things that make you special, desirable, and valuable. Good Work(s) gives 25% of all purchases to charitable causes. Bracelet reads: “You are Beautiful, Amazing, Unique, Exceptional, Fantastic, Fabulous, Wonderful, Spectacular, One of A Kind, Special, Awesome, Extraordinary, Talented, Gifted, Smart, Courageous, Strong, Honorable, Remarkable, Indestructible, and You Can Accomplish Anything!”  



The Fun Club Retro Style Keychain - "Lock Your Damn Doors"
Sometimes you just need a reminder! Acrylic motel/hotel style keychain with tassel on adorable retro inspired packaging. Other options available


MarshmallowMBA Gourmet Marshmallows - Yes, thats right, it's your favorite wine and cocktail inspired flavors infused into a marshmallow. Forget everything you know about marshmallows because these will make any hour "happy". MarshmallowMBA marshmallows are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and fat-free but NOT fun-free! Flavor options include mojito, moscato, limonchello, and sangria.


Set of (2) 4 x 4 wood coasters with cork backing. "Will work for shoes & wine" perfect on your cocktail table for guests. See options for other sayings.


2ply Cocktail Napkins that are sure to illict a giggle for her and her guest.


HiFi Super Bass Sound Wireless Earbuds i17 TWS 5.0 Earphone Bluetooth Music Earbuds - BlueMusic helps heal all things, resets your mind, and lets you know you are not alone. We totally fell in love with these fashion color earbuds, use them any time and add some color to your day.


She's going to SMILE!



Pick A Card: Treat yo'self, girlfriend. If you're gifting this to yourself, choose No Card and leave this part to us. We've got the perfect card, sent to you with all the high fives. Otherwise choose the perfect card for your girlfriend and include a message in the section provided.

Beginnings Box

Pick A Card, Any Card
Indulge Marshmallows
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    We never include receipts inside any of our boxes, knowing that they are almost always a gift. But, we do include an awesome personalized card of your choice. We will hand write exactly what you tell us for that extra personal touch.

    Products may be substituted based on current inventory and because we like surprises.


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