So, What's This BE STILL SELF CARE Gift Box All About?

Sometimes we have no choice but to be still, whether it's due to a pandemic that has us inside, or it's your body telling you it needs a time out. Either one is just as important. Women are care-takers by nature, many times putting everyone first before taking care of themselves. If you're hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass or you're spending endless hours on the front lines, for heaven's sakes, be sure to practice SELF-CARE. We need you.

The BE STILL box is the perfect gift for yourself or the perfect appreciation gift that is so desperately needed. This box is filled with all the items necessary to be still and practice self-care. Girlfriend Therapy In a Box is filled with our favorite items that will make anyone Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale, and most importantly, SMILE.


You've Got My Attention. What's Inside The Box?

  • Glitter Me This Signature Keepsake Box
  • "Wine Please" Bar Bell by Francesas
  • Beach Grass Wild Flower Body Buffer by Spongelle
  • Wine and Cocktail infused flavored marshmallows by MarshmallowMBA
  • "Merlot" 9oz.Soy Lotion Candle by The Isle Co.
  • Personalized Card In Our Sassy Style, Guaranteed to Get A Giggle. 


Ok, I'm Excited Now. Gimme All The Details!

We've designed our boxes around our philosophy of SMILE - Sparkle, Move, Indulge, Laugh and Exhale. Why? Because that's exactly what we do when we are together as girlfriends. There are five items per gift box, tailored to the theme of the box, with one item for each letter in the word SMILE. "S" is for Sparkle; "M" is for Move; "I" is for Indulge; "L" is for Laugh; and "E" is for Exhale. What does it spell? SMILE - A curve that sets everything straight!


Glitter Me This Signature Keepsake Sparkling Glitter Box

Keep your treasures stored in style or simply display it for a dash of sparkle. 



"Beach Grass Wild Flower" Spongelle Buffer. CLEANSE. EXFOLIATE. MASSAGE. NOURISH.

Enjoy a beyond cleansing treatment with our soap infused buffer, which is scientifically proven to be more effective at removing germs than soap alone. Spongellé’s unique Body Wash Infused Buffers change instantly under water as you squeeze, from a sensual exfoliating massage texture to as soft as silk.



MarshmallowMBA Gourmet Marshmallows - Yes, that's right, it's your favorite wine and cocktail inspired flavors infused into a marshmallow. Forget everything you know about marshmallows because these will make any hour "happy". MarshmallowMBA marshmallows are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and fat-free but NOT fun-free! Flavor options include mojito, moscato, bourbon, and sangria.



Ding, ding...the perfect, bell for your house or as the greatest girlfriend gift ever is ready to summon your next with a simple push. This "Wine Please" bar call bell is a fully functioning acrylic bar bell glammed up in a rose gold finish.



"Merlot" Soy Lotion Candle 9oz. from The Isle Co. are made from pure soy that is naturally rich in Vitamin E and are petroleum, dye and additive free. The candles burn incredibly clean, will fill your room with a wonderful fragrance and leave you with soft, silky skin! After extinguishing the flame, you can safely dip into the warm (not hot!) melted soy oil for use as a moisturizing body lotion. And remember, Double Dipping™ is always allowed.

Merlot: A robust cherry blend with soft oak overtones 


Personalized Card: This box includes the perfect statement for this occasion if you are gifting it to someone.  "You are strong, you are a Kelly Clarkson song. You've got this!  (may choose other options)

Be Still Self Care Gift Box

Indulge Marshmallows
The Isle Candle
Pick A Card, Any Card
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